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Cathy Buggs
Cathy BuggsUpdated 4 months ago

Beginner-friendly coding environment

Visual Basic is a programming language that comes with an integrated development environment. Designed by Microsoft, Visual Basic download makes coding a simple and enjoyable experience. Suitable for all users, including beginners and hobbyists, this language is object-driven and gives you access to a database of syntax constructs and elements. You can create a range of Windows applications and front-end systems. 

What is Windows Visual Basic?

Visual Basic is an object-driven development environment and computer programming language created by Microsoft. The system offers a graphical user interface that lets them edit code by dragging and dropping elements, so users can change app appearance and behavior. The object-oriented language is based on BASIC and considered to be suitable for beginners learning to code. 

Microsoft intended to make the language easy to master and support fast coding. That is why it's referred to as a RAD or rapid application development system. With its help, coders can create prototypes of applications before writing them in a more efficient but difficult language. Additionally, Virtual Basic also offers syntax that is more straightforward and connected to a database.

Since its release in 1988 as Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, the language has given way to Visual Studio.Net, Visual Basic.NET, and Visual Basic for Applications. While all of these frameworks have gained popularity, Visual Basic is still extremely beneficial. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes developing code simple, even for programmers with limited experience

What is the use of Visual Basic?

The third-generation programming language has been designed to help developers create Windows apps. It features an environment in which programmers can write code in .exe or executable files. They can also use the language to make in-house front-end systems for accessing large databases. Since the language supports ongoing modifications, you can continue coding and revising your work when required. 

That said, Microsoft Visual Basic download does have some limitations. The software isn’t suitable for you if you wish to create programs that require a lot of processing time. That means you cannot use VB to develop games or heavy apps because the graphic interface of the system needs a lot of memory and space. Moreover, the language doesn’t support other operating systems and is limited to Microsoft.

Clean and simple interface

After the installation is complete, you will come across the graphic-development environment of Visual Basic. It is simple and organized, such that beginners, as well as hobbyists, can access and use all its functions without a problem. The interface comes with a progress bar, buttons, labels, as well as a few editing tools that can help you automatically adjust programming modules.

When developing a Windows 10 application, you can start using the available controls, elements, and forms to create the app’s user interface. Microsoft Visual Basic download, like other programming languages, supports the use of common constructs. And you can use those elements and constructs while writing code to define the behavior of your application. 

However, since the language has an event-driven environment, you will note a few differences in the constructs that you use to create your application. Additionally, the language gives you access to databases with the help of ActiveX Data Objects and Controls. Using the database, you can create various applications, including simulation programs, calculators, simple games, and more. 

What are the main features of Virtual Basic?

Unlike other programming languages, Microsoft Visual Basic for applications download offers faster rapid app development. It features string processing and is integrated with C++, MFC, and F# functionality. The system also supports multi-targeting as well as the Windows Presentation Framework, so developers can conceive different Windows apps, desktop tools, metro-style programs, and hardware drivers. 

Click to launch

One of the most significant features of using Visual Basic to develop programs is that it lets you create executable files from the get-go. These files are easy to export and can be used to check the progress of the application and make changes wherever required. Moreover, the program inputs the XAML code for users, so they can instantly launch an application by clicking a button. 

Enjoy various themes

Though the program restricts itself to Microsoft operating systems only, it does offer a range of Windows themes so programmers can experiment. You can create software that is in sync with the operating system on which you wish to run the final application. Since the integrated development environment also gives you access to databases, you can drag elements from there and drop them in your code.

Get error alerts

Considering the fact that beginners often use Visual Basic for application coding, Microsoft has included a helpful functionality called IntelliSense. When writing code, this function automatically flags errors in code and suggests changes wherever necessary. Moreover, users can create fully-functional programs using these suggestions and adding corrected code from the available database. 

Is Microsoft Visual Basic free?

Yes. Microsoft Visual Basic download is free to use and suitable for beginners. The development environment is regularly updated with features, and the latest version includes the option of adding comments in various lines. That means you can now add lines within a segment as well as after line continuations.

Are there any alternatives?

While Visual Basic is user-friendly, it does have limitations in terms of space and memory required. In case you’re looking for an updated tool, you should check out Visual Studio. Other similar development environments that you can explore are Dev-C++, Python, and Java Development Kit.  

Should I download Microsoft Visual Basic? 

If you’re a novice looking to enter the field of coding, you should download Microsoft Visual Basic. The object-driven development environment is designed to make coding a simpler experience. It includes automatic error check, option to launch application instantly, as well as access to a database of objects and constructs. For professionals, it is a great language that can help them code quickly to develop a Windows app prototype.


  • Free to download and use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Access to a database via AOD
  • Automatic error checks


  • Requires a lot of space and memory
  • Not suitable for developing games

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Microsoft Visual Basic for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2022.17.5
  • 3.3

  • Security Status

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