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A solid, easy-to-use programming environment!

Microsoft Visual Basic Express is one of the most popular tools for developing and compiling applications on Windows. It allows you to compile the developed applications as executable files. Like other similar programming tools, the interface is simple, with multiple elements, such as progress bars, labels, and buttons. You can drag each one to the form to edit properties and adjust programming modules. Overall, Visual Basic free download is a great choice for beginners and hobbyist developers.

A complete development environment for everyone!

For several years, Microsoft Visual Basic download has been the most useful and popular development environment for programming enthusiasts. You can use it to develop metro-style programs, desktop apps, and hardware drivers. If you have good experience with programming and development environments, you’ll find the interface similar. On the other hand, if you’re a rookie, you’ll need some time to get used to the program. Fortunately, Visual Basic has a solid online community that comes to the rescue with useful tips and tricks.

Plenty of features for easy programming

As compared to Atom and NetBeans, Visual Basic comes with a wide range of features, including zoom functionality for diagrams or editors, multi-monitor support for drag-and-drop documents, and easy navigation through code, methods, variables, and files. Additionally, Visual Basic’s search function is more efficient than the usual search functionality. It also features Intellisense, Microsoft’s intuitive interface for simplified coding.

Moreover, Microsoft Visual Basic comes with plenty of advanced features, such as F# integration, MFC and C++ functionality, Windows Presentation Framework, and multi-targeting support. While using the program, you don’t need to code in XAML, allowing you to create and deploy web applications with the One Click Publish button. Last but not least, you can design high-end Silverlight applications for websites.

Easy navigation and built-in support for themes

Among a wide range of developer tools, Microsoft Visual Basic is the easiest to use. The drag-and-drop intuitive interface allows you to navigate the program without lags and interruptions. Visual Basic comes with built-in support for a wide range of Windows themes, letting you create applications with the look and feel of Windows operating systems. The program also includes more than 30 controls for simplified development.

Ease your workload with Intellisense

With Microsoft Visual Basic, you don’t need to write all the code yourself. With more than 400 built-in Intellisense coding snippets, the program can write it for you. You can use several templates provided for common coding tasks. Additionally, there’s intuitive access to various common functions for accessing the registry, working with files, and utilizing the resources and settings. With the built-in menu editor, you can easily and quickly create right-click contextual menus and primary menus.

In addition to these basic features, Microsoft Visual Basic comes with syntax checking functionality, code colorization, and Intellisense intuitive development experience. With AutoCorrect, the program suggests errors and makes changes to over 230 programming mistakes. You can simply drag and drop data from the primary database onto the Windows application to create data-driven, fully-functional applications. Using a wide range of built-in design tools, you can visually create databases and queries.

While Microsoft Visual Basic is an excellent program, it does affect your system’s resources. For installation, the program requires a great deal of free memory. After all, it’s a complex program simplifying your coding experience. Another drawback is that Visual Basic isn’t useful for creating applications requiring higher processing times, such as games. For everything else, it’s a must-have tool for developers.

A great tool for hobbyists and beginners!

Microsoft Visual Basic Express is a free, simplified, easy-to-use, and streamlined programming environment for students, novices, and hobbyists. While using the tool, programming becomes easy and fun. Moreover, Microsoft Visual Basic is the perfect way for advanced developers to try new and exciting features.

Before you start using the program, it’s important to understand that Express Edition targets students, novices, and hobbyists. As such, if you want to use the complete range of features, it’s better to use high-end versions, such as Visual Studio 2013. On the other hand, download Visual Basic Express if you want to learn more about Microsoft’s hassle-free programming environment and get familiar with coding.


  • Easy-to-use form editor
  • Comes with a SQL engine
  • Advanced intellicode suggestions
  • Excellent customer support


  • Requires great deal of memory
  • Not useful for developing games


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