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Help & Info about Microsoft Visual Basic for windows

  • What is Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition?

    Visual Basic Express Edition is a freeware, stripped back version of the main Microsoft Visual Basic programming platform. It allows users to create Windows applications and executable files. Unlike many other programming platforms, however, the interface is visual, making it less daunting for novices.
  • Is Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition free?

    The Express edition of the Visual Basic software is completely free to use. However, it does have some limitations when compared to the professional package and that particular software is not free.
  • Is Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition safe?

    The platform is completely safe to use and there are no known security issues with the software.
  • Is Microsoft Visual Basic a programming language?

    The Visual Basic platform is categorised as an event-driven programming language and integrated development environment. It evolved from the BASIC family of programming languages, which were widespread during the 1970s and 1980s. The programming language was designed for ease of use and contains a strong visual component.
  • Is Microsoft Visual Basic still used?

    The programming language has been classed as a legacy system since 2008 and was succeeded by VB.NET, which is a similar programming language, but technically part of a separate family. With that being said, Visual Basic is still used by some programmers due to its ease of use and it is still useful for creating Windows applications.
  • Is Microsoft Visual Basic easy to learn?

    Compared to other programming languages, like C, C++, C#, Python and Pascal, Visual Basic does not have a steep learning curve and the visual elements make it relatively easy to get to grips with. Nevertheless, the coding aspect of the programming language will still require significant time and effort to learn.
  • Can Visual Basic make games?

    The Visual Basic package can be used to create games and other applications. However, it is worth noting that the programming language can only be used to make Windows applications, so any games made will not work on other platforms without being converted to a different programming language first.
  • What are the limitations of Visual Basic Express Edition?

    Although the Express Edition is described as a stripped back version, most of the core features are still available. However, limitations include: reduced options for debugging, no support for ASP.NET web applications, no Visual Basic 6.0 converter and limited support for databases other than Microsoft Access.
  • How often is Visual Basic Express Edition updated?

    During its life cycle, the Express Edition of Visual Basic received regular updates, fixing issues and making it more user-friendly. However, it is now classed as a legacy system, with Microsoft instead focusing on its VB.NET and C# programming languages. As a result, there will be no further updates for the software in future.
  • Is Visual Basic available on other platforms?

    The Microsoft Visual Basic programming language and application is only available for use with PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Previous versions of Microsoft Visual Basic were also compatible with the MS DOS operating system, but this is no longer the case.


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